Best Wearable Tech for 2018

epoquegolden on April 12, 2018

Wearable technology has become a norm in today’s society with new styles, brands and types coming out every few months. Here are some of the best wearable tech for 2018, reviewed by CNet.


Wearable Tech Apple Watch Epoque ApartmentsApple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 offers built-in cellular for data and phone calls. It works remarkably well, but not without a cost – in battery life and money. 

The Good: Cellular connection works well for phone calls, email, Siri and messages, and music now syncs more easily. There are new improvements in fitness tracking and added watch faces. Newly added barometer to GPS and swimproofing. Same overall size as last year’s watch.

The Bad: Battery life takes a major hit when making calls or during GPS workouts. The 42mm cellular model is expensive, and that’s before monthly wireless service and Apple Music fees. This piece still requires an iPhone to set up and pair with.

The Apple Watch Series 3 retails at $429.


Wearable Tech Fitbit Versa Epoque Apartments Golden CoFitbit Versa

The Fibit Versa is the best fusion of smartwatch and general fitness tracker under $200, if you can lift with its limitations. 

The Good: The Fitbit Versa is a compact, lightweight smartwatch and fitness tracker with an improved interface for easier fitness stat readouts. It’s water-resistant to 50 meters, and works with iOS and Android. Many of the apps and watch faces are useful and fun. Multiday battery life beats the Apple Watch.

The Bad: Its battery life falls shot of other Fitbit fitness trackers, and the apps and watch faces aren’t always easy to load. The music transfer to the watch is complicated and limited. There’s no onboard GPS and the charger is bulky, and the tap-to-pay model costs a bit more in the U.S.

The Fitbit Versa retails at $200.


Epoque Apartments Wearable Tech Alta HRFitbit Alta HR

Fitbit’s newest fitness band shrinks the best stuff down into a tinier package. 

The Good: The Alta HR has a slim and stylish design with a 7-day battery life, and all-day fitness and heart rate tracking.

The Bad: It isn’t water-resistant, and notifications can be difficult to read. You can’t manually start workouts. Automatic exercise tracking and no buttons means no on-band controls.

The Fitbit Alta HR retails at $150.


Wearable Tech Garmin Epoque ApartmentsGarmin Vivosmart 3

A slim, comfortable activity tracker packed with features.

The Good: The Garmin Vivosmart 3 is slim, very comfortable to wear, has a built-in heart-rate monitor and is fully waterproof. It’s loaded with extra features, including stress-level measurements, VO2 Max readings, and a rep counter. It shows notifications from your phone.

The Bad: Some of the features are a little difficult to access on the watch; the display isn’t as sharp as some competing models’ displays.

The Garmin Vivosmart 3 retails at $140.


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