Breckenridge Public Art Festival Lights Up this Summer

epoquegolden on March 21, 2018

Colorado resort towns in the Rockies are usually known for their winter activities and outdoor sports, everything from skiing, hiking and camping. But this year Breckenridge is bringing something different to town. For the third time the WAVE: Light + Water + Sound public art exhibition will transform the Blue Rive Plaza in Downtown Breckenridge into a wonderland of lights. The free four night festival runs from May 31st to June 3rd and will feature creative installations, musical performances, screenings, digital art and more.

Started by Breckenridge Creative Arts (BCA) in 2016, WAVE showcases both contemporary art and the local landscape. Blue River Plaza — as a waterfront park — creates an interesting backdrop for an art festival. Using the river, bridges and other waterfront areas as canvases, stages and exhibition space, the artists participating in WAVE must immerse themselves in their surroundings. By doing so, viewers are also inclined to interact with more than just the art. Themes of light, water and sound (as the name suggests) inspire the curation of the artworks.

This year, WAVE will bring some major international and regional talent to Breckenridge, including a US premiere of an installation by the OGE Group from Jerusalem. But locals, don’t worry, Denver artists Cacheflowe and AudioPixel will represent the Mile High City with a featured installation of synchronized sound and light. Justin Gitlin (Cacheflow) will also give a workshop on June 3, explaining his installation and his experience in coding and artistic design.

“WAVE exemplifies the idea that art is for everyone,” said Robb Woulfe, BCA’s president and CEO. “The large-scale, interactive artworks are freely accessible to all and inviting in a way that traditional gallery exhibitions often are not. This creates unique opportunities for interaction and collaboration among diverse members of our community.”

Every day from 3 to 11 p.m., visitors and artistic adventurers choose from an impressive selection of events and happenings at WAVE. There are even teasers for “late night experiments.” Large-scale installations that require interaction (like a light-beam seesaw) remind even the most “adulting” of us to let go, relax and enjoy something truly awesome. Plus, you can still get a hike in before the shows start anyway.

Don’t miss this one of a kind event this summer.


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