Delightful Fragrances for Your Zodiac Sign

epoquegolden on March 8, 2018

For most of us, fragrance is powerfully evocative. Certain scents have the power to totally transport us to another time in our lives, or to bring back a long-forgotten memory. Perhaps it’s not too surprising that selecting a personal fragrance can then seem like a daunting task; selecting the right notes to encapsulate your own personality traits is not easy.

Fortunately, we’re here to simplify the process, using the twelve signs of the zodiac. The talented specialists at FlowerSchool NY explored the different qualities of each zodiac sign to distill the perfect fragrance notes for each and every one. Executive director Calvert Crary, also a florist and photographer, created still life images to capture the fragrance notes in action.

We spoke with the fragrance specialist Michelle Gagnon of MKG Bio Alchemy, a bio alchemist, consultant, and aromatherapist who works exclusively with wildcrafted, organic botanical ingredients and essential oils, about the unique qualities of each fragrance, and how they reflect the specific character of the different zodiac signs. Whether or not you identify strongly with your sign, these thoughtful selection will give you the perfect jumping-off point to settle on your own perfect fragrance.


Neroli scent for Aries zodiacFor Aries, FlowerSchool NY chose notes of black pepper, neroli, clove, and frankincense, a combination designed to accentuate Aries energy, while tempering a tendency towards aggression and obstinance.

Michelle Gagnon notes that neroli is “uplifting, refreshing and optimistic,” but balances with frankincense, which, “teaches us patience and strength, helps calm and soothe the mind, [and] prevents against tendencies of aggression and short-tempered action which the Aries can be prone to.”


Honeysuckle flower scentThe Taurus fragrance includes apple, honeysuckle, magnolia, rose, and oakmoss. Taurus signs are naturally stable, even-keeled people, but have a tendency to get set in their ways.
This romantic fragrance combination, says Gagnon, is influenced by, “beauty and devotion and sensuality,” a surefire antidote for rigidity. She also notes that the “sweet scent of honeysuckle and magnolia helps the uncompromising Taurus” to become a bit more flexible, and helps to expose a more dreamy aspect of their persona.


Bergamot ScentGemini birthdays are mercurial, witty, and fun-loving. Fragrance notes like bergamot, mint, lavender, lemongrass, and sweet pea both celebrate the whimsical parts of their personality, and help to mitigate the temperamental, moody aspects.

Gagnon explains, “The aroma of bergamot is uplifting, it can help soothe jangled nerves. It is playful and curious just as the Gemini sometimes. It’s a top-note, a very vivacious and lively entrance to the fragrance itself.” Meanwhile, “Peppermint has the adaptogenic effect…It’s perfect for the ever-changing Gemini.”


Jasmine flowerA sweet fragrance composed of chamomile, jasmine, lemon, lily, rose, and yarrow reflects Cancer’s tendency to be maternal and affectionate, and helps the occasionally passive-aggressive sign to be more grounded.

Jasmine, lily, and rose, says Gagnon, “have very nurturing characteristics, very romantic.” On the other hand, she adds, “Chamomile and yarrow provide a very soothing and warm fragrance to suit the Cancer’s personality when it’s very moody or insecure.”


Rosemary Plant 55+ LivingLeo loves to be the center of attention, and this bold fragrance is definitely design to stand out, made up of basil, ginger, lime, rosemary, and juniper. These warm, flavorful notes hit on the warmth of playful Leo, and will help energize the sign during low-energy moments.

Gagnon explains, “Leos are generally considered to be warm-hearted, which can be linked to the warming aroma of spices and herbs such a ginger, rosemary, juniper. These tend to have herbaceous, woody, and balsamic dry-down notes, which stimulate our yang energy. It’s good for a lazy day the Leo might be experiencing. These fragrances get everything moving.”


Sage Plant Epoque Apartments Golden ColoradoVirgos are famously hard-working, but can sometimes get overwhelmed by how much they have to manage. Scents of sage, fennel, lemon, and patchouli might be able to help. Not only are they cleansing and refreshing notes (sage is famously used to “smudge” rooms), but they can help counteract some natural Virgo tendencies.

For instance, says Gagnon, “Something like patchouli is very consistent and strong. It can help balance the Virgo trying to get over that critical self. Patchouli is very beautiful because it evolves from that rich, sweet, herbaceous top note to a more camphor body and a dry, woody finish, so it’s a very strong, tenacious oil. Its scent sticks around for a while, and it’s very dedicated, like the loyal Virgo.”


Daffodil Epoque Golden ApartmentsLibra signs are all about balance, and FlowerSchool NY’s picks for this fragrance uphold a similar ideal, incorporating chamomile and daffodil in perfect harmony.

On the one hand, daffodil is what Gagnon calls a “heady floral.” It has a vibrant, springtime energy, and she notes that, “There’s something almost flirtatious and fun about it as well.” Chamomile, meanwhile, is mellowing. “If you have a Libra who is holding a grudge or might want to avoid confrontation, something like chamomile soothe and smooth through those feelings.


Tuberose Active Adult Living Golden ColoradoA fragrance composed of hyacinth and tuberose is ideal for passionate, secretive Scorpio, who tends to have an intense inner life and not share a great deal.

Gagnon describes tuberose as “sensual, playful, intense, passionate, and magnetic,” and notes that it pairs beautifully with hyacinth, “a plant that comes up in the spring, even when there’s still snow sometimes. It’s a bit of a stubborn flower. It’s like a good friend. This flower is there for you, which I think is really beautiful.”

She adds, “Florals in general have a kind of softness to them…They go right to the heart, I think.”


Saffron Flower 55+ Living ColoradoGregarious Sagittarius, known for a warm personality and a tendency to wander, might enjoy a fragrance that incorporates bergamot, clove, lemon, rosemary, and saffron. This intensely herbal combination is full of food flavors, from spices to citrus.

Gagnon explains,”That citrus profile is uplifting, it’s light, it’s very energetic. Citruses are cleansing, they’re a bit of sunshine in a bottle.” Then, “We have a lot of warm, strong spices that can help bring a strength.”

Meanwhile, subtle saffron might be the secret key to the fragrance. “It has,” says Gagnon, “a little bit of sweetness, a little bit of earthiness. It’s very delicate. Impatience is one of [Sagittarius’] weaknesses, and this can teach us patience.


Myrrh Capricorn Epoque Apartments DenverFor Capricorn, FlowerSchool NY selected fragrance elements that help alleviate some pessimistic tendencies and ignite creativity and positivity, including notes of tulip, mimosa, myrrh, lilac, and vetiver.

Gagnon explains, “Capricorn is sort of unforgiving, condescending, let’s say they might be expecting the worst. These are flowers that brighten, bring back to life. They’re full of positive energy.” Similarly, “Myrrh has a soft resonance. It could really be used for someone who is prone to overthinking and worry, which is a trait that Capricorn is known to oftentimes have.”


Pine Scent Senior Living Apartments ColoradoAquarius is an unconventional sign that tends to stray far from the beaten path. With that in mind, this fragrance is made up of statement elements like lavender, pine, anise, and patchouli.

Pine, says Gagnon, “keeps us attached to reality and to the earth,” while anise, “a clean fresh aroma [has a] comforting effect on the mind.” She also notes, “Eccentricity is paired with patchouli, and that’s Aquarius as well.”


Sandalwood Golden Apartments EpoqueFor Pisces, FlowerSchool NY selected apple, sandalwood, jasmine, gardenia, and vanilla. This fragrance profile reflects Pisces tendency to be dreamy and flighty, and helps tether it to reality.

Gagnon notes that apple and sandalwood share an, “exotic, woodsy, sweet aroma.” They have an “aphrodisiac effect which is also calming and quieting. It’s strengthening and trusting, which balances the weaknesses known to Pisces.” On the other hand, “Sweet narcotic fragrances like jasmine, gardenia and orchid are tempting. These can help accentuate an imaginative nature.”


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