Inspired & desired.


It’s a different way to pronounce what we’ve known all along: That time is what you make it. Epoque living is about focusing on what matters most. It’s about defying convention and embracing change. It’s about time to choose and time to celebrate. It’s about living with style and confidence.


Close to everything.
Away from it all.

At Epoque, your surroundings are as inspiring as the life you lead. All properties feature town and country living—urban/suburban communities that offer the best of the great outdoors, with easy access to downtown shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Stay close to family and friends while you plan your next adventure.

Epoque Apartments - marquee locations


Friction-free living.

Staying healthy and connected are natural priorities at Epoque, as is a maintenance-free lifestyle. That’s why we put great thought into every form and function. Smart conveniences and intuitive features are seamlessly integrated into everything, from the programming and amenities to the service and technology.

Style and comfort

Low maintenance.

Luxurious accents. Resort-style amenities. Delightful details. All Epoque communities are designed with the utmost attention to style and quality. Striking, sophisticated gathering spaces promote community organically. Natural materials reign supreme. Modern warmth invites you in.

Epoque Apartments - Resort style amenities.