Terrifying Things to Do in Colorado

epoquegolden on March 27, 2018

From climbing mountains to massive canyon swings, here’s a list of Colorado things sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Keep in mind that some of these activities might be dangerous. Stay within your own abilities and use caution when necessary.

Devil's Causeway Colorado Things to do Epoque Golden ApartmentsCross the Devil’s Causeway

If you’re scared of heights, this one might rank a little higher. The Devil’s Causeway is a land bridge in the Flat Tops Wilderness and it gets pretty narrow in the middle section – roughly four feet wide. It’s rocky, but if you’re got steady feet beneath you, you’ll be fine.
Be warned, this location is very remote. The trip took me several hours of hiking to make the full loop.

Stare Down a Wolf

Yes, they’re trained to not bite your head off. Yes, they really just act like big puppies in this scenario. Yes, they’ll probably spend more time handing out kisses than growling…but still, staring down a massive wolf is quite the rush. And remember, these are wild animals. During my trip to Rocky Mountain Wolf Foundation (www.rmwf.orf) several wolves were snarling minutes before another one was licking my face. Thankfully, the guides here are very knowledgable and know how to safely interact with their animals.

Bishop Castle Colorado Epoque Apartments Golden COExplore Colorado’s Coolest Castle

Found in Rye, Colorado, Bishop Castle reaches a height of more than 150 feet tall. While that only might be enough to scare some away, the fact that many of the walkways rattle and shake will fend off others. Thankfully, this attraction can be enjoyed from ground-level. It just won’t be the same rush.

Skydive Colorado

It’s like skydiving elsewhere, but with a better view. If you’ve been waiting to check this one off your bucket list, Colorado is the perfect place to do it. You’ve already jumped out of a plane? Might as well do it again.

Royal Gorge colorado Epoque Apartments 55+Cross the Royal Gorge

To some, this one might seem pretty tame. To others, this one might be the scariest item on the list. You’ve got several ways to get across the Royal Gorge, but all of them will have you suspended nearly 1,000 feet above the ground below. There’s a bridge, a gondola and a zipline.

Visit a Spooky Spot

Made famous by it’s role as Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining, one of the greatest horror flicks of all time, the Stanley Hotel is one of the most famous spots in the country. Book a stay here to spook yourself out. Don’t believe in ghosts? Shock yourself with the massive amount of whiskey they’ve got at their well-known Whiskey Bar.

Pikes Peak Highway Colorado Epoque Golden ApartmentsDrive to a 14,000 Summit

Not a drive for the faint of heart, Pikes Peak Highway will take you cliffside to the summit of “America’s Mountain”. Traffic moves slowly up steep grades and switchbacks often flanked by huge drops. You’ll want to tackle this one in a car that’s in good condition with great brakes. Another road that will take you to a different fourteener summit is the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, the highest paved road in America. It makes Pikes Peak Highway look like a pristine avenue.
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